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2021 ‘Live Fair’ Feedback from College

Dear Michael Oak Parents and Guardians,

Due to the realities of the COVID pandemic and the uncertainty as we move into the second half of the year, the College of Teachers has made the decision that plans for a live, on-site Fair will not be possible this year. The risk of creating a ‘super-spreader’ situation is very real, as attempting to ensure all protocols are upheld is unrealistic. Furthermore, College believes that the amount of work required to make an on-site Fair compliant with all the required regulations is not worth the effort for the relatively small number of people who would be allowed on the premises.

We are deeply aware of everyone’s wish to spend time together and to build and deepen the relationships within the Michael Oak community. We are extremely grateful for the work that the Class 6 Fair Committee have put into their vision and the extent to which they have grappled with how we could work with the challenges facing us. We thank you all most sincerely for this.

The College would like Class 6 to consider arranging a series of smaller community-oriented events that would allow for a safe meeting of parents and children. We are also intrigued by the proposed plan to offer an online sales channel for the selling of crafts and other items. We look forward to hearing more about these plans.

We understand that this decision may be disappointing for many in our community, but please know that it has been deeply considered and has been made in the best interests of everyone involved.

Kind regards
The College of Teachers

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